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I will not give out personal information about myself over the internet.  This includes my real name, address, phone number, my picture, the names of anybody in my family, my parents' work phone or address or my school.

I will never agree to get together with someone I have met over the internet.  I will always remember that the cute, fun kid I am chatting with or e-mailing may really be a warty, balding, old man (or woman)!

I will not respond to any messages I receive that are mean or in any way make me uncomfortable.  I will talk to my parents or a librarian if I receive anything that is threatening in ANY way.

I will follow the library's rules when using the computers at the library.

Modified from "My Rules for Online Safety" in the Child Safety on the Information Highway brochure; Lawrence J. Magid;   National Center for Missing and Exploited Children.





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