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Some collections of Appalachian stories aimed at adults include:

Ball, Bo.  Appalachian Patterns. 

Burchill, James V., Linda J. Crider, and Peggy Kendrick.  The Cold, Cold Hand: Stories of Ghosts and Haunts from the Appalachian Foothills.

Carpenter, Cal.  The Walton War and Tales of the Great Smoky Mts. 

Haddix, Cecille, ed.  Who Speaks for Appalachia? 

Hall, Joseph S.  Yarns and Tales from the Great Smokies.  

Hyde, Herbert L.   My Home is in the Smoky Mountains. 

Jameson, W. C.  Buried Treasures of the Appalachians: Legends of Homestead Caches, Indian Mines and Loot from Civil War Raiders. 

Johnson, F. Roy.  SUPERnaturals Among Carolina Folk and Their Neighbors.

McCrumb, Sharyn.  Foggy Mountain Breakdown.

Mathes, C. Hodge.  Tall Tales From Old Smoky.  

Montell, William Lynwood. Ghosts Along the Cumberland: Deathlore in the Kentucky Foothills. 

Morgan, Robert.  The Blue Valleys: A Collection of Stories. 

Mullen, Patrick B.  Jack in Two Worlds: Contemporary North American Tales and Their Tellers. 

Palencia, Elaine Fowler.  Brier County: Stories from Blue Valley. 

Roberts, Leonard W., ed.  South from Hell-fer-Sartin: Kentucky Mountain Tales. 

Secreast, Donald.  White Trash, Red Velvet: Stories.

Still, James.  The Wolfpen Notebook: A Record of Appalachian Life. 

Thomas, Roy Edwin.  Southern Appalachia, 1885-1915: Oral Histories from

Residents of the State Corner Area of Northern Carolina, Tennessee, and Virginia. 

Willis, Meredith Sue.  In the Mountains of America. 

Emily Wichman
School of Library and Information Studies
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"Jack Tales", by Richard Chase.  Seems there was this fellow Jack, and folks in the southern Appalachians have stories to tell on him.

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