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The Fayette Tribune

  • FCPL has most of the  issues of the Fayette Tribune on microfilm at the Fayette County Archives.   There is a microfilm reader/printer for accessing these newspapers.  This newspaper is not on-line at this time.  

  • The Fayette County Archives  has bound copies of the Fayette Tribune through 1990, some on microfilm, and most of the individual issues from 1991 - the present.

The Montgomery Herald -- FCPL has many issues of the Montomery Herald stored in our Administration building.   They cannot be checked out,  but  are available for browsing and copying  in the library.

The Register-Herald - The Register-Herald home page: local news as well as links to many news, weather, sports, and entertainment sites.

Bluefield Daily Telegraph - on-line newspaper and a collection of other web sites.

Charleston Daily Mail - on-line newspaper.

Charleston Gazette - on-line newspaper.

- Oak Hill's TV station.

- Bluefield's TV station

WCHS TV-8 -  Charleston/Huntington TV station.

WOWK TV-13 - Charleston/Huntington TV station

West Virginia Public Broadcasting - WSWP Beckley, WPBY Huntington,  and WNPB Morgantown.

The Drudge Report - a source of many major news feeds, editorials, and newspapers.

WJLS Radio - AM 56 - FM 99.5. Beckley - The Big Dawg in Country!!

WCIR 103 FM - 103CIR's home page; Beckley's pop/rock radio station.

Marquee Cinemas -- including movies and showtimes for the Crossroads and Showplace Cinemas.

Internet Movie Database

Pathfinder - connection to several on-line magazines and newspapers with feature stories on the home page.

Total News - all the news on the net all the time.

WNBA - the official site for the Women's National Basketball Association

NBA - the official site for the Men's National Basketball Association

NFL - the official site for the National Football League

ESPN Sportszone - the ESPN web page

You can bring up any TV network's web page by typing the acronym in URL format into the location box.  For instance, type , , , etc.  This is also true for many magazines:  try , 

_M_Bed - a registry of embedded multimedia electonic journals