Electronic Resources Access Policy

Users of this computer must follow these guidelines. 
Failure to follow these guidelines may result 
in the loss of the right to use this computer.

If you need assistance, please ask a librarian.
That’s what we are here for!



Age Restriction


1.       All children under aged 15 years old and younger must have a parent/grandparent/guardian present
in order to use the Internet.

2.       Patrons of all ages may use the OPAC computer at the circulation desk and may use computers that have no Internet access.  This includes the use of word processing, spreadsheet, and presentation software, encyclopedias and other reference materials,  and other educational software.

Sign in and Time Limits.

You must sign in before you use the computer.  

1. Please put your name in the first column of the sign-up sheet, and the time in the second column. If there is a computer available for your use, write in the time in the third column,  the ID# of the computer you will be using in the fourth column,  and begin using the computer.

If others are waiting, your use is limited to 30 minutes

Please note:

a.  that if you are in front of the computer, you are using your 30 minutes. Individual members of "group sessions" may not sign up separately
b. you may continue to use the computer if others are not waiting when your 30 minutes is up; BUT, you may not switch computers, or put your name on the sign-in sheet again until you have finished your computing session at the library.  When another patron comes in to use a computer and all stations are busy, the patron who has been using the computer the longest must finish up their session and sign out within 5 minutes. 

2. If you come in to use the computer and someone is already using it, sign your name in the first column and the time in the second column only. When it is your turn to use the computer, write in the time in the third column (on the same line as your name), the ID# of the computer you will be using  in the fourth column,  and begin using the computer.

3. If you do not write down the time you begin using the computer and someone is waiting, you may be asked to end your session as though you had used your 30 minutes.

4. You may be asked to interrupt your session if the librarian needs to use the computer.

5. When you have finished your session on the computer, please sign out by putting the time in the 5th column.


Printing Costs.

Printing from this computer will cost 25 cents per page (including partial pages). You WILL be charged for all copies printed from the workstation while you are signed in to it. Parents are responsible for what their children print. Please see the Printing Tips handout in the clear plastic binder beside your computer.


Use of Network and Computers.

1. You may not save anything to the hard drive. You may not download or install upgrades, plugins or any other software.

2. You may save your work or downloads from the internet to a floppy disk. You may bring in your own (for use in the Gateway computers only) or you may purchase one from the librarian for $1.00 (all computers).

3.  You may not attach personal equipment to the library's network or other hardware.

4.  The library is responsible only for maintaining the local area network and the FCPL web page.  The library has no control over the accessibility, availability, content, loading speed, privacy policies, or security of the millions of web sites on the Internet.


Acceptable Use Policy.

It is prohibited to use this computer for illegal or criminal purposes or to seek access into unauthorized areas. Infringement of copyright is prohibited.

The internet contains some material of a controversial nature. Users are responsible for material accessed, and may not display "legally obscene" images. 

Parents are responsible for monitoring use by minors.  Parents should read the Child Safety on the Information Highway produced by the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children and the Interactive Services Association

Minors should read the Safety on the Internet section (titled "My Promise") on the Teens Page of the FCPL web site.

The Children's Internet Protection Act (CIPA) requires that all public libraries receiving federal funding MUST put Internet filtering software on all the computers in the library -- or lose all federal funding. The Fayette County Public Libraries are part of the WV statewide library network; therefore the Children's Internet Protection Act filtering requirements are met and maintained at the state level by the West Virginia Library Commission. The statewide filtering program is described below:

  • In WV the filtering software has been installed at the state level.  The software uses identified addresses not "keywords" to block sites.   This means that the software is less likely to block "appropriate"  sites;  however, as the list of blocked sites is updated nightly, there may be "inappropriate" sites that slip through the filter.  No filter is perfect.
  • Librarians have passwords which enable them to bypass the filter and allow free access to the Internet.  If you are 18 or over and sites you need to access are blocked, please ask the librarian to override the filter for you.  
  • If you are under 18 and need access to a blocked site, you may bring in a parent who may then request that the filter be turned off..  The parent must stay with you until the filter has been re-activated.
  • For more information about the law and its impact on public libraries, click here.  If you have any questions specific to this library, please ask your librarian.  

There are a number of on-line resources about library access to on-line materials, filtering, censorship, the Children's Internet Protection Act, and internet use policies. Click here to access these sites for more information:



The library disclaims any responsibility for direct or indirect damages arising from the use of it's connection to the internet. The library is not responsible for the accuracy of information found on the internet.

Approved by the Fayette County Public Libraries Board of Directors  December 8, 2004
Modified by the Fayette County Public Libraries Board of Directors May 11, 2005