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Deadline for Proposal Submissions: June 14, 2024
Send to: Becky Kellum, Overview of Request for Proposals:
Fayette County Public Library seeks contractual support in the role of a Mobile and Courier Services Research Project Coordinator to assist the Library Director and staff in evaluating current mobile services and creating a strategy to extend mobile services across the areas served by the Library.
This project coordinator will lead a research and planning project for the Library to evaluate current activities that the Library conducts to provide mobile services to its region, including bookmobiles, courier services and other activities, to analyze potential additional services or strategies, and to create a plan for expansion of mobile services that will serve the Library’s region.
Project Background
Rural libraries like Fayette County Public Library fill a crucial community need by providing free access to educational opportunities, literacy and skill development. Out of a population of 39,927 people, the Fayette County Public Library has 32,699 library card holders.
The Fayette County Public Library (FCPL) services its communities through five physical locations and two bookmobiles that serve the county’s public school system and multiple rural communities. Mobile services like the bookmobiles serve as a critical mechanism to extend library services and supports to rural communities. For example, the Fayette County Public Library provides bookmobile services to all elementary schools, three middle schools and two high schools in the county, in addition to weekly stops in multiple communities across the county. The Library has continued to expand mobile services across the county despite revenue restrictions.
In addition to increased demand for bookmobile services, FCPL participates in a multi-library online catalog service program that shares books and other resources between libraries in the West Virginia Library Network System. Materials are shared through the USPS which is becoming more expensive each year. A study on the feasiblity and cost of a courier service vs USPS would help determine the future of sharing materials.

Proposed Scope of Work
As currently planned, the scope of work for this research and planning project includes:
1. Research other bookmobile programs across the state, including evaluating information
from the association of bookmobile and outreach services
2. Research other states that have courier services in how they have been developed and
3. Create a strategy on how to improve bookmobile services to the county and establish a
multi-county courier service to better move materials across the region.
4. Create a project summary document that outlines the research reviewed, the findings
from that research and the strategy proposed for the FCPL.
The Fayette County Public Library provides free services to potentially 39,927 people. The library offers programming for all ages, free computer usage and wi-fi, electronic materials via libby & Hoopla, databases for homework and tutoring, notary services and scanning capabilities, DVDs, audiobooks, and printed books.
FCPL may contract with local, regional or national contractors to provide this support. Contractors will be selected based on experience, qualifications, capacity, location, and cost- effectiveness.
Please respond to this RFP if:
● You desire to provide contracted services to the Fayette County Public Library (FCPL) to
help move forward its mobile services.
● You have experience in research and writing, especially through contracted services.
● You have experience with and/or interest in public library programs and services,
particularly public libraries that serve rural, low-income communities.
RFP Timeline:
Contractors will be accepted and assessed starting upon publication of this RFP. Initial review and selection of preferred vendors will happen for submissions received by June 14, 2024.
All activities for the project must be completed and submitted to FCPL by September 27, 2024.
RFP Budget Parameters:
Budget costs may vary based on the depth, detail and quality of services provided by the contractor.
A preferred budget would outline the list of activities that the provider will provide with cost parameters for each service identified, including hourly costs for each service identified.

Budgets are not to exceed $30,000 for total project services provided.
RFP responses should include (maximum 5 pages):
1. Cover Page: Primary Contact Name, Company Name, Address, Webpage (if relevant), Contact Information (including phone + email).
2. Description of experience and relevant expertise that can be provided to the Fayette County Public Library.
3. Description of project services that will be provided relevant to this RFP.
4. Proposed project budget, including a detailed list of the hours expected to be spent on
the four elements of the project listed above.
5. Sample projects demonstrating writing and strategy development experience. Samples
will be kept confidential and destroyed after the proposal review process.
6. Bios of individuals providing technical assistance.
7. Two references with contact information, including email and phone.
Please submit as a single PDF file with your name in the file name and section headers in the document for each RFP question (1-7) above.
Email to Becky Kellum,, with subject line “FCPL RFP Response”. Submissions received by June 14, 2024 will be given preferential review for selection.
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